Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Protest Song - Cash Stuffed Heads

This one has a more 60's protest feel.  I will post rough guitar demo.

Cash Stuffed Heads 
Words/Music,  Mark Snyder, 2010

Who can find the cronies?
You don’t have to look so hard
Just follow the money
They don’t even hide it anymore
There’s no need to fear the law of cash-stuffed heads


The rich man has his credit
And the commoner his debt
And the cronies grow so bloated on legalized theft
At election-time, whose millions put them in our face?
All these cash-stuffed heads – the puppets of all our disgrace

Who can find the cronies?
Just follow the bailout trail
The ones with their hand out
Extorting  us -  since they’re  too big to fail
Fat returns are guaranteed by cash-stuffed heads


Who can find the cronies?
They are there on the Right and Left
No matter what the party
They take your vote – then they give you the shaft
All we do is change the cast of cash-stuffed heads


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