Friday, August 13, 2010

Protest Song - Bailout Nation

Bailout Nation.
Words/Music - Mark Snyder, 2010

The land where freedom rings -  sweet land of liberty          
The land of boundless hope - and opportunity
The land where you can dream
And work to make it true
My fine corrupted land  - what has become of you?
In a bailout nation who will stand
For every common man?
While we watch our children's future die
And the bankrupt rape the land
While the greedy and the selfish
They keep holding out their hand
How much treasure will we grant them?
When will it end?

A great society - plenty of jobs and food
Did that just really mean more debt and servitude?
The pig-men all got drunk - Did we supply the booze?
And while the rich get fat - our sons and daughters lose


Turn on your radio and hear the ad-men say
“The bankers all got theirs. Get your relief today”
We say  ‘But they won’t lend!’ - But who should get the blame?
For who would lend us more? We stiffed them yesterday


We took the Gulfstream down to testify today
These auto plants are dead so you just better pay
To save the union jobs we threw the law away
Property rights be damned – we’ll need the votes one day

Chord Progression

Am / D /  Em / G          
Am / D /  Em / G 
Am / D /  Em / G 
Am / D
Em / G
Am / D
Em / G
Am / D
Em / G

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