Friday, August 13, 2010

The Economic Protest Project

Mission Statement

  • The Economic Protest Project exists to create and distribute protest music and videos capturing the our economic situation and what got us here. The EPP will capture our situation, spread it through music, and memorialize it for future generations. Nothing moves like music, and music will help people connect with the messages they need to hear that are currently well articulated in blogs, etc, but not musically yet.


  • To connect songwriters and musicians together with the purpose of writing, recording, and distributing indie protest music about the economic and financial crisis.
  • To collectively compose original, singable songs in a protest music style protesting the financial and economic crisis and the actions of those who further it.  This is intended to fill a void that exists for such music.
  • To record these songs  and to produce demos, including hard-hitting video presentations.
  • To distribute these songs in the form of lead sheets, lead scores, and recordings to arm people and bands to sing and play them.
  • To distribute online for maximum exposure.
Ground Rules
  • Creative control of a song rests with its composer/lyricist.  Others may contribute.
  • Final say on whether a song belongs in the project and can be branded as a song of the EPP rests with the blog author.
  • Collaboration will occur using an online collaboration tools such as , , or or we will just have demos produced in the interests of time.
  • This is not a political site.  Although political viewpoints may certainly exist within the songs, overtly political songs are not the purpose of this project.
  • Video productions will be branded with the blog site to attract interest and brand the songs and the project.
  • Each song project will comprise a thread, which will discuss the song, link to the appropriate collaboration or YouTube video sites, and end with a final production links. 
  • A sings new song ideas thread will be posted, and new song ideas may be socialized there.  The blog author will determine if a new song idea becomes a project.
  • All contributions will be under Creative Commons Attribution License.
  • We will hold composers and musicians to high production standards.  The idea is to make quality music which will have an impact, and which can be distributed and potentially ‘go viral’ to get the message out there.
  • Songs will be branded through the EPP and contributing composers/lyricists will be credited on productions that are placed online.
  • This is not a parody site.  The goal is to produce original music.

Launch and Growth Plan
  • The blog author will post the first  song projects including rough recordings and lyrics and musical scores if requested.  The blog author will take these through production if needed, although a better production can be expected through collaboration with better musicians.
  • These projects will serve as a model for the style and tone of the songs, though other musical styles will be considered based on other contributions.
  • Once quality projects are gotten down, we will socialize the project through related web sites that share our message and want to get their message out there through this medium.

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