Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Song Thread

Post your ideas for songs here.  Post your lyric ideas, theme ideas, etc.  If they have some promise, we will turn them into threads and get them scored and turned into protest classics!  Add your ideas into the comments.

Protest Song - Cash Stuffed Heads

This one has a more 60's protest feel.  I will post rough guitar demo.

Cash Stuffed Heads 
Words/Music,  Mark Snyder, 2010

Who can find the cronies?
You don’t have to look so hard
Just follow the money
They don’t even hide it anymore
There’s no need to fear the law of cash-stuffed heads


The rich man has his credit
And the commoner his debt
And the cronies grow so bloated on legalized theft
At election-time, whose millions put them in our face?
All these cash-stuffed heads – the puppets of all our disgrace

Who can find the cronies?
Just follow the bailout trail
The ones with their hand out
Extorting  us -  since they’re  too big to fail
Fat returns are guaranteed by cash-stuffed heads


Who can find the cronies?
They are there on the Right and Left
No matter what the party
They take your vote – then they give you the shaft
All we do is change the cast of cash-stuffed heads


Protest Song - Globalize

First produced and released song.

Words/Music - Mark Snyder, 2010


Everybody wants the latest
Flatter screen and mega-size
We don’t wanna pay to make  ‘em
The answer is to globalize – globalize, globalize, globalize, globalize

Standing on the corner
Please employ me
Any job will do
Do you have one for me?
The factory took a dive
The retail outlets died
Our little town has tried
How will we survive?
Can we turn back time, before we globalized?


Working in the sweat-shop
China’s story
Factory for the world
Make an i-thing for me
Cheaper every day
The other countries say
If you pay a living wage
We will take your trade
Can we turn back time, before we globalized?



For there’s only mantra –  for us to echo -  only one mantra that we must chant
Free trade is the answer – hear them all bellow –  discredited zealots just won’t recant
For there’s only mantra –  for us to echo -  only one mantra that we must chant
Free trade is the answer – hear them all bellow –  discredited zealots just won’t recant

Can we turn back time, before we globalized?

Corporate masters outsource
Padding  their numbers
Darlings of ‘the Street’
While the heartland crumbles
Paying dividends
The rally never ends
And everyone pretends
These are healthy trends
Can we turn back time, before we globalized?


Friday, August 20, 2010

Protest Song - The Mighty DOW

The Mighty DOW
(Words/Music, Mark Snyder, 2010)

Bow before - the golden bull
Bring your bank account – it shall be full
It’s enshrined - within our soul
Can you feel the grip – of it’s control?
Can you feel the grip – of it’s control?

 It’s time to update your money now
It’s time to worship the mighty DOW
On every TV and every cell
The DOW will tell us that all is well
 It’s time for people to speculate
It’s time to get in – you cannot wait
Time to discover your inner risk
If you don’t invest you will surely miss - the boom

Bring your cash – borrowed will do
Hock the kitchen sink – they'll take that too
Everything – to feed the maw
Catch the upward move – of this see-saw
Catch the upward move – of this see-saw


Robo-trades – on ticker screens
Swap the bits and bytes – trillions unseen
Far beyond – too big to fail
Only when it does – our pain is real
Only when it does – our pain is real

 (Chorus) X2

F / Dm
Am / C / Bb
F / Dm
Am / C
Am / C / Bb
C /Bb
C /Bb
F / Dm / Am / C / Bb

Friday, August 13, 2010

Protest Song - Bailout Nation

Bailout Nation.
Words/Music - Mark Snyder, 2010

The land where freedom rings -  sweet land of liberty          
The land of boundless hope - and opportunity
The land where you can dream
And work to make it true
My fine corrupted land  - what has become of you?
In a bailout nation who will stand
For every common man?
While we watch our children's future die
And the bankrupt rape the land
While the greedy and the selfish
They keep holding out their hand
How much treasure will we grant them?
When will it end?

A great society - plenty of jobs and food
Did that just really mean more debt and servitude?
The pig-men all got drunk - Did we supply the booze?
And while the rich get fat - our sons and daughters lose


Turn on your radio and hear the ad-men say
“The bankers all got theirs. Get your relief today”
We say  ‘But they won’t lend!’ - But who should get the blame?
For who would lend us more? We stiffed them yesterday


We took the Gulfstream down to testify today
These auto plants are dead so you just better pay
To save the union jobs we threw the law away
Property rights be damned – we’ll need the votes one day

Chord Progression

Am / D /  Em / G          
Am / D /  Em / G 
Am / D /  Em / G 
Am / D
Em / G
Am / D
Em / G
Am / D
Em / G
The Economic Protest Project

Mission Statement

  • The Economic Protest Project exists to create and distribute protest music and videos capturing the our economic situation and what got us here. The EPP will capture our situation, spread it through music, and memorialize it for future generations. Nothing moves like music, and music will help people connect with the messages they need to hear that are currently well articulated in blogs, etc, but not musically yet.


  • To connect songwriters and musicians together with the purpose of writing, recording, and distributing indie protest music about the economic and financial crisis.
  • To collectively compose original, singable songs in a protest music style protesting the financial and economic crisis and the actions of those who further it.  This is intended to fill a void that exists for such music.
  • To record these songs  and to produce demos, including hard-hitting video presentations.
  • To distribute these songs in the form of lead sheets, lead scores, and recordings to arm people and bands to sing and play them.
  • To distribute online for maximum exposure.
Ground Rules
  • Creative control of a song rests with its composer/lyricist.  Others may contribute.
  • Final say on whether a song belongs in the project and can be branded as a song of the EPP rests with the blog author.
  • Collaboration will occur using an online collaboration tools such as , , or or we will just have demos produced in the interests of time.
  • This is not a political site.  Although political viewpoints may certainly exist within the songs, overtly political songs are not the purpose of this project.
  • Video productions will be branded with the blog site to attract interest and brand the songs and the project.
  • Each song project will comprise a thread, which will discuss the song, link to the appropriate collaboration or YouTube video sites, and end with a final production links. 
  • A sings new song ideas thread will be posted, and new song ideas may be socialized there.  The blog author will determine if a new song idea becomes a project.
  • All contributions will be under Creative Commons Attribution License.
  • We will hold composers and musicians to high production standards.  The idea is to make quality music which will have an impact, and which can be distributed and potentially ‘go viral’ to get the message out there.
  • Songs will be branded through the EPP and contributing composers/lyricists will be credited on productions that are placed online.
  • This is not a parody site.  The goal is to produce original music.